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At Bender & Associates we have skilled Temecula Valley and Inland Empire Family Law Attorneys. We have represented both husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, Petitioners and Respondents in hundreds of marital dissolution, post-judgment and non-marital family law-related conflicts, for over 15 years.

Experienced in all aspects of domestic law negotiation and litigation, we have represented clients with marriages as short as three days and as long as 47 years, child custody matters involving as many as eight children, and property issues involving seven-figure marital estates.

Our approach to matters involving children is to always address issues and possible resolutions by asking the question "What is in the child's best interest?" In addition to suggesting to clients various parenting plan arrangements, we utilize outside resources when necessary to help resolve custodial controversies. Such resources include the court's mediation services, private psychologists as court appointed evaluators and the appointment of an attorney as "minor's counsel" to represent the children.

As to property and debt distribution, our cases have involved minimal assets and financial obligations and martial estates in the millions. Each matter receives methodical attention to detail and a cost effective analysis with the goal of a fair and equitable judgment. With sensitivity to the emotions always present in domestic matters, each client is given individual attention and straight forward answers to their questions.

As experienced Family Law Attorneys, we are frequently involved in the drafting of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) to complete the required paperwork and divide community property portions of retirement plans. On occasion, when litigation is necessary because appropriate orders were not in place at the time of the pension participant's actual retirement, we aggressively pursue orders to provide our clients with their prospective and retro-active entitlements.

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To provide our clients thorough and effective representation to protect their rights and interests in negotiating and litigating family and domestic law matters.

To resolve matters in the least litigious and most cost effective manner when possible.

To take an aggressive yet professional stand as our client's advocate when litigation becomes inevitable.

If you or someone you know in the Inland Empire or anywhere in Southern California is involved in a divorce or child custody case and needs the assistance of an experienced Temecula Valley Family Law Attorney, call Bender & Associates today at 951-296-9554, or complete the contact form above to schedule your free consultation.

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